**Was going through some old files, and found this. I think I wrote it in 2009. 

All dressed in white.

Veil upon my face.

Hope in my heart.

And tears streaking my face.

My arm upon my fathers.

An aisle to walk down.

A crowed of admires,

And a face with a stoic frown.

Head held up high.

Fake smile upon my face.

Joy in my heart longing for

Another time and place.

His face lights up when he sees me

And I’m reminded of what can be

Security, love and a life time of wonder.

Even though my heart is still in love with another.

I wipe away my tears, as he lifts my veil

And for a second I pretend that his green eyes are brown,

And that our lives have come around.

But he loves you, my heart says, more than most.

So take that plunge and enjoy the evening toast.

Does anyone object? I hear the preacher say

As I long to hear him stand up and say

“You can not do this, not this day!

Come with me, and we will go away, to the Alps,

To the beach, to the desert, if I may

I do not care, just come with me, and with me you should stay!”

But there is no objection,

So the priest continues his dictation

And so I was married on this day

As my heart, my love, looked on

With out a thing to say.


~Jodie Nicole~


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