Hint of betrayal, lies on your lips.
Truth untold, reality accepted,
True desire denied.

You told her once, with tears in your eyes, that it’s always been her.

You kissed her once, for all to see, because you wanted everyone to know.

You planned with her once, baby names chosen, wedding destination decided, a lifetime of adventures.

You told her once, it will just take a little time, for there are things I must do.

She accepted your tears.
She caved into your embrace.
She let her walls fall as together you made plans.

She waited, patiently, for you to finish the things you must do.

You changed your mind,
It all disappeared.
She’s left feeling abandoned and lost, betrayed.

You continue down the path that once lead you to tears.

Who’s betrayed?
Her for believing you?
Or you, for allowing yourself to plan a future you were never going to make, because your truth doesn’t fit onto the path you refuse to leave.

~Jodie Nicole~

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