He’s here,
Little babe attached to my breast.
Consuming every moment of my day and night.
My odd patience, despite fatigue, a constant reminder of how much I love him.

You’re gone,
Having visited us in the hospital,
Barely a word since.
My odd patience, along with sending you updates and pictures, a reminder of how much I love you.

I’m done,
My fatigue is great, my poems not so much.
My love for my new muse, this fatherless babe at my breast,  is enough to help me leave you.
The man I love.

I am brave, I’m enough
Though my poems are meh, and my energy low, for my babe sucks it out of me, things will change.
My energy will return, along with the words, as my babe grows into a man.
A good man, a strong one.
One that loves.
One that has empathy.
One that is brave.
One that will not follow the same mistakes of the father.

For he will learn taking responsibility, is showing love.
Not cowarding and saying you love.

~Jodie Nicole ~

Written in lettrs on 12/8/2018


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