Stand your ground

I watched you walk away,

Blonde hair, pulled back into a pony,

A far cry from the pig tails you sported in youth.

Your anger piercing, with each step.

Anger at me, at the world, at reality itself.

Juxtaposed next to your laughter, as your pig tails flew behind you in the wind.

Foundation of a past you do not remember- lies whispered cracked that foundation

I tried to keep you safe then, allow you to walk away now.

Stand my ground.

Blamed for lies whispered to be truth.

Blamed for truths you wish to be lies.

Stand my ground.

Hoping you’ll find the truth.

Hoping that you’ll understand,

that you are so much more than “the one who causes fights”,

Being your mother is worth fighting for.

And I envy those who do not/never had to fight for such an honor.



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