He sits in the dark, waiting.

Waiting for me to come home, for our son to fall asleep.

Dark–for the light draws a stubborn toddler who does not want to sleep.

“He’s in bed.” (our rambunctious son) “We haven’t been here long…I wanted to wear him out…to make sure he was down for you”

With a smile and a hug this man I sometimes resent, leaves me alone with my thoughts.

His kindness still radiating off me as I watch him leave, realizing this was a K.i.s.s.**

A marble*, his way of saying

“You mean something to me”

A simple gesture that gives me a chance to relax. Rather then fight with a screaming toddler that does not want to go to bed.

Jodie Nicole

*Brene Brown, Braving and the Marble Jar

**Keep It Simple Silly or an actual kiss. 🙂


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