Black Beauty

Wild Horse, roaming free
Just the way you were made to be.

“Why don’t you tame him?”
They once said to me.

I smile, and watch as he gallops by,
Mane flowing, muscles tense, a sparkle of delight in his eye.

“I could tame him, break him down,
Make him mine for all to see.
I could show off his beauty, his grace, and pride myself on his docileness.
But he’d lose that spark of joy in his eyes, he’d lose his ability to gallop far and wide, and he’d begin to resent me.

So no, I will not tame him, the man I love.

I will not turn him into my hard-won prize, my entitlement turning his joy into fear and uncertainty, as he yearns for the freedom he once enjoyed.

No, I will watch and wait,
I will grow within myself,
And learn all I can.
I will live my life in joy and harmony,
And I will hope for the day that he decides that his life is happiest being with me.

~Jodie Nicole~

Copyright owned by Jodie Nicole, Please do not replicate without my written permission.


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