Voice of reason, drowned out by their screams.

Screams of injustices

Of entitlement lost,

By their taskmaster’s voice. As he plays with his “crown” in his oval office.

They follow his voice, and scale the Capitals walls.

They smile with glee as they loot the symbols of Democracy.

Entitled tourists, disrespecting for the “ultimate selfie”

Voice of reason, drowned out by their screams.

Screams of treason.

Screams of justice lost.

By their master who demands equality rather than compromise/understanding.

And cut ties with those who disagree.

For disagreeing makes you “other” “dangerous”

Voice of reason tries again

Compassion, is what it’s trying to say.

Understanding is what we need

Rebuilding the bridge of Radical Acceptance

Social decay hosted by greed.

As human lives are bought and sold, shrouded by ego and pride.

~Jodie Nicole~

We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness. Martin Luther King Jr

Note* I wrote this the evening it happened, January 6th 2021, and quickly moved it to private because I as not sure whether or not I was making my intention clear. Throughout all the political stuff I have remained neutral. Not because I did not want to pick a side but because I could see the extremes of both sides and both bothered me. Meanwhile I can also see the good in both and agree with parts of each. This poem was an attempt to show the two extremes with a possible solution.


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