Confidence is sexy

She sighs as she examines her naked body in the mirror. She was getting older, and it was showing.

Her perfect perky 18-year-old breasts are now sagging- pulled down from the weight of mothers’ milk.
Her days of going braless were over.

Her hips were rounder, widened by childbirth. Too wide for her favorite kilt, the one that drove her lover wild. Yet, some things are worth the trade-off, as she examines the hourglass her body has become and smiles.

Her thighs, she tries to ignore, for they always made her self-conscious.

She turns sideways, examing her back; the smooth flowing skin has been replaced with notches of fat; and her butt, always big and well rounded, now has a slight jiggle with every step.

How her body has changed, she’s no longer the 18-year-old girl, slipping on his button-up shirt and boldly stepping into the shower, ready to face her fears of being naked with a man for the first time.

With a final look, she slips on her knee-high boots, her long black trench coat and tightens the belt around her waist.

Confidence is sexy- she tells herself- before opening her apartment door and, with her head held high, walked the short distance to the entrance of her building to let in her visitor.

They talked as he followed her back to her apartment and locked themselves inside.

Then before she lost her nerve, she walked away from him and dropped the coat.
Showing him all she was and a pair of black leather boots.
This movement instilled confidence, power, ease in her.

As she walked to the bed, she sat down, crossed her legs, and waited.

She watched the man, who had witnessed her, fumbling with the buttons of his shirt before it dropped to the shower floor, moved towards her.

Waited for the first and last man, who has seen her naked, with an air of confidence, she did not realize she possed.
Watching his smile and tenderness as he slowly unzipped each boot and slid them off her feet.
Smiling, that he still adored her and her older body.

~Jodie Nicole~


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