Black beauty revised

Black beauty running free,

just like you are meant to be.

“Why don’t you tame him?” She asked me one day.

My heart did not know what to say,

as I watched him roam, wild and free, hoping he would come back to me.

“He needs no master,” I began to say

“He needs his freedom. The choice must be his.”

She nodded and moved away. I continued to watch, hoping he would stay.

My heart went with him, when he left.

And my soul healed, for I have been blessed;

with a heart to give, and a heart to keep.

For loving myself is just as sweet.

~Jodie Nicole~


Stained sheets tousled, like her hair.
Radiant glow, bodies flushed, pair entwined in a dream filled sleep.
One moves the other follows, maintaining that basic connection.
A touch, leg to leg, shoulder to back, hand to hip…
The need to know the other is there, fulfilled. The desire to never let go sustained in the moment.
For the moment is all that matters.

©Jodie Nicole

Authors original version and note can be found here.


I do not need the recognition,
Or sales.
I do not require being seen,
Just heard.

One voice among the millions,
Easily drowned out
Except by those who need to hear it.
The ones whom my words touch,
The few that need the spark,
Those who need to know they are not alone.

~Jodie Nicole~

Written in lettrs on 12/3/18


Space, I’ve given you (again)

___when I know your answer.

Hope, (silly fool that I am) wants me to be wrong.

Time, (that your buying) will not change a thing.

_____Just elongates the deception, for your vanity does not want to accept the truth.

You are as awful as you feared.


~Jodie Nicole~